If perception is the process of becoming aware through the senses and reality is the state of things as they actually exist, the gap between the two raises questions about what we know to be true. I am particularly interested in this gap and its relationship with technology, media, systems of power and human behavior.

Interested in the vanishing intersections between artistic mediums of expression, I founded a network of like-minded artists in 2005. Since, I have conceived, managed and promoted the development of mutually beneficial, cross disciplinary creative projects at an international scale.

In 2020, I obtained a master’s degree in Art and Design from Harvard University with an emphasis in digital design and fabrication technologies, interdisciplinary public art practices, and film and visual studies. After graduation, I received a summer grant funded by the Graduate School of Design to advance my research in color and performative painting.

Eloge of Movement is my latest film work. For five years, I followed a group of contemporary dancers affected by Huntington. I documented their journey through a protocol of neuroscientific research measuring the contribution of dance for those affected by the disease. Once known as Saint Vitus Dance, Huntington is a hereditary neurodegenerative incurable illness characterized by involuntary movements. The project was screened by France Televisions and by the Cinema Grand Action in Paris. This powerful experience ignited the desire to undertake my first feature film.

My artwork has been exhibited at the Musée de l’Homme, Musée d’Orsay, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Select Art Fair, Burst Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach, Galeries des Galeries Lafayette, Centre International d’Art Verrier, Hiroshima City University and by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication for an installation in the windows of the Palais Royal in the heart of Paris. It has also been recognized with two awards during the 20th International Festival of Hyères, with the OEuvre d’Art Award by the Fédération Française du Verre Plat and with two consecutive nominations under category Audacity to the Sommet du Luxe et de la Création.

I fostered my aesthetics working as art/creative director for European brands such as Alfred Dunhill, Première Vision, BVBA 32, Fauré Le Page or LVMH Sephora. After a degree in Luxury Management from IFM, I was privileged to have a transversal creative input from product, architecture and retail design, to press events and exhibitions, to directing films destined as creative brief for ad campaigns at a European scale.

My passion to engage an audience through aesthetics and visual storytelling has allowed me to demonstrate an ability to conceive, produce and implement transdisciplinary creative projects. I am currently located in New York City. I am trilingual, transnational and multicultural. Empowered by curiosity, humility and empathy, I enjoy navigating unknown territories and playing creative ping-pong with others until collective fulfillment and personal wonderment.