Contemporary Dance Performance

Mise en scene by david gil

Commissioned by Hiroshima City University

Performed during the 70th anniversary of the A-bomb

JAPAN | 2015

On August 6th 1945, the first atomic bomb ever used on a civilian population was dropped over the city of Hiroshima, Japan. Following the blast, a radioactive black rain covered the city. Hibakusha is the Japanese word used to describe the survivors who were affected by the A-bomb. They suffered from various diseases including cancers, caused by internal exposure. Inspired by the photographic series by Thomas Damm published by The Liaison Council Black Rain Hibakusha Group; Out of the Shadow is a contemporary dance performance honoring those A-bomb survivors who have not yet been officially recognized as Hibakusha. Choreography by Philippe Chéhère. Producer Masae Yuasa.

Eloge du mouvement

Documentary directed by david gil

Screened by France Télévisions

and Cinema Le Grand Action in Paris

FRANCE | 2009 - 2014

Eloge du Mouvement traces the first ten years of a series of contemporary dance workshops and performances created by dancers and choreographers Philippe Chéhère and Julie Salgues. The workshops are designed for individuals affected by Huntington Disease, hereditary neurodegenerative illness once known as Saint Vitus Dance. The relationship to the body is this involuntary dance, which appears despite oneself, without any ability to control it. After ten years of workshops, doctors at ICM (Institute of the Brain and Spinal Cord) in Paris have launched a protocol of neuroscientific research in order to measure the contribution of contemporary dance for those affected by the incurable disease.

Experimental short film

Written and directed by david gil

USA | 2009 - 2013

Jane Doughtery is an American middle class Jane Doe dreaming of becoming next Playhouse icon while having problems to pay her mortgage during the 2008 subprime crisis. Evicted from both her dreams of celebrity and homeownership, she finds herself imprisoned in a time in American history where the fundamental right of truth was reduced to a Lacanian illusion. Inspired by the real life of American performance artist Tara Shae aAnanda, Playhouse stages the collapse of the American dream of homeownership using the term foreclosure as defined by French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan: temporary psychotic event during which facts are not perceived as part of reality.

Short art film

Written and directed by david gil

FRANCE | 2005 - 2012

Even if our generation can safely and affordably profit from a healthy sexual life without procreation thanks to democratized access to preventive contraception, it is estimated that more than one billion legal abortions have been practiced worldwide since the procedure was decriminalized. In Europe alone one abortion takes place every 27 seconds. Inspired by the testimony of Gianna Jessen, a real life abortion survivor, Unwanted questions what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights defines as “everyone’s right to life”.

Animated short film

Written and directed by david gil

Commissioned by Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

FRANCE | 2012

The color of self-confidence portrays self-confidence as the key element to ever changing universal beauty. Inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, a series of bubble-bath-girls admire black and white shadows projected by a burning Flame behind them. Suddenly, one of the girls is compelled to turn around and to look at the Flame source of light. Astonished, she discovers the colors of self-confidence and morphs into a Warholian silkscreen moving painting.

Creative direction brief to Where Beauty Beats, Sephora Europe 2013 ad campaign produced by BETC Paris.

Short film

Written and directed by david gil

Commissioned by Faure Le Page Paris

FRANCE | 2011

Fauré Le Page is a Parisian luxury house founded by master gunsmith Louis Pigny in 1717. Appointed by his majesty, FLP became the official supplier of luxurious weaponry to Louis XV. In 2011, the brand moves its Paris store to 21, rue Cambon, the same location where Gabrielle Chanel opened her first millenary shop in 1910. My mission consists in studying the archives of the ancient house to prepare the brand to strike the luxury accessory battlefield. The Awakening of a Myth tells the story of a colorful hunter loading her FLP weapons of seduction.


Photographic Storyboard

Cowritten by david gil

Collaboration with Dominik von Schulthess

and Aurore Tomé

FRANCE | 2010

Short Film

Cowritten and codirected by david gil

FRANCE | 2009 - 2010

Adapted from German fairy tale by the Grimm brothers in which a young brother and his little sister are threatened by a cannibalistic witch, Hansel and Gretel questions food distribution in the world today; where on one side of the planet governments are spending over 150 billion dollars every year to fight obesity and on the other 3.5 million people face starvation. Collaboration with Mary Jordan and Arnaud Bouchard.

Short Film

Cowritten by david gil

Music by John Zorn Film Works III

FRANCE | 2008 - 2010

The Last Supper stages the poem of creation, one of the first human manuscripts dating from Babylon and narrating the creation of mankind when the god of light (Sarpanitou) sent the god of fatherhood (Mardok) to liberate the goddess of motherhood (Istar) from the hell with no return (Hades). “You are going to face Istar. You will make love to her and once fertilized, she will devour you and then she shall create a child to your image.” Collaboration with Arnaud Bouchard.

Performance by david gil

Wynwood Art District during Art Basel Miami Beach

USA | 2007

With a stock of approximately 9 million handguns, machine guns or military assault rifles designed for warfare made legally available each year in the streets of the United States, Portrait of my Time creates a metaphor between the second amendment to the constitution of the United States and what André Breton, founder of surrealism, defined in his Manifesto as The Simplest Surrealist Act, “consisting in going into a street with revolvers in your fist and shooting blindly into the crowd”.

Film prototype by david gil

Commissioned by Première Vision

FRANCE | 2007 - 2008

Men Under Construction is a bilingual book gathering articles and photographs created by personalities of the world of art and culture. It summarizes the results of Masculin Pluriel, international market research on menswear commissioned by Première Vision to Risk International and to the Institut Français de la Mode. My contribution consists in caring, analyzing and synthesizing interviews with menswear influencers in France, Belgium, England and The United States. A short art film was planned to be included in the book, the project was however abandoned.

Performance by david gil

20th International Festival of Hyères

City of Hyères Award and 123 award

FRANCE | 2005

The International Festival of Hyères in France is a platform designed to promote young creative talent. It takes place every year in the landmark cubist villa built in the 1920’s by Mallet-Stevens. During the 20th edition of the festival, in total silence facing the jury presided by couturier Azzedine Alaia, a model wearing special effects hidden under a white silk top suddenly blew up in the middle of the runway, like a kamikaze. One Second materialized contemporary uncertainty imposed by a globalized war on terror and fashion became a sign of our time.