Graduate School of Design

Art Design and Public Domain

2018 - 2020

Architecture Discovery

USA | 2017

Emphasis in digital design and fabrication technologies, interdisciplinary art practices, community engagement, public art, culture decentralization, film and visual studies.

Designed by david gil

Commissioned by d_parture Spa

Newark Liberty International Airport

USA | 2016

Architecture concept design: Two locations, functionality analysis, floor plans, zoning, elevations, photorealistic renderings, material boards, architecture videos, sourcing, follow up until onstruction. Branding. Design submitted to World Duty Free Group and OTG. Construction by DNA Architects.


Haute jewelry experiment

Designed by david gil

FRANCE | 2013

Hypothesis is an haute jewelry experiment inspired by what Albert Einstein defined as “the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation.” Proposed by Belgian Monseigneur Georges Henri Lemaître in 1927, the Primeval Atom theorizes that approximately 13.7 billion years ago the universe was contained in an infinitely small and dense seed, which in a matter of 10−37 seconds grew exponentially. Thus scientifically rationalizing the creative spark of the divine, the first thought of consciousness, the beginning of all reality in a sort of cosmic explosion or Big Bang.

Animated short film

Written and directed by david gil

Commissioned by Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

FRANCE | 2012

The color of self-confidence portrays self-confidence as the key element to ever changing universal beauty. Inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, a series of bubble-bath-girls admire black and white shadows projected by a burning Flame behind them. Suddenly, one of the girls is compelled to turn around and to look at the Flame source of light. Astonished, she discovers the colors of self-confidence and morphs into a Warholian silkscreen moving painting.

Creative direction brief to Where Beauty Beats, Sephora Europe 2013 ad campaign produced by BETC Paris.

The Awakening of a Myth

Luxury Accessory Collection

Designed by david gil

Commissioned by Fauré Le Page

21 rue Cambon Paris

FRANCE | 2011

Fauré Le Page is a Parisian luxury house founded by master gunsmith Louis Pigny in 1717. Appointed by his majesty, FLP became the official supplier of luxurious weaponry to Louis XV. In 2011, the brand moves its Paris store to 21, rue Cambon, the same location where Gabrielle Chanel opened her first millenary shop in 1910. My mission consists in studying the archives of the ancient house to design a collection of weapons of seduction and to prepare the brand to strike the luxury accessory battlefield.



Commissioned by eclectic Paris

FRANCE | 2011

Founded on 8 rue Charlot in Paris by Franck Malègue, éclectic is a sartorial concept adapting innovative textiles to traditional tailoring. For the inauguration, éclectic gives me carte blanche in order to link the body and technology. I propose to commission sculptor Isabelle Tournoud to weave the circulatory system of the hand of the artisan using the soul of the wire which allows the fluidity of contemporary human interactions.

Fashion show performance

by david gil

Commissioned by bvba 32

BELGIUM | 2010

… a moment in … is an ephemeral collection serving as creative incubator to bvba 32, owner of Antwerp based labels Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann. For fall-winter 10-11, Anne Chapelle, owner and CEO, gives me carte blanche to demystify the process of fashion creation. The collection is presented to the press and buyers draped over nine sculptures made out of wax burning like candles during a live performance. The installation makes reference to the Book of Genesis and melts away the ego of the creator from the vocabulary of contemporary fashion design.

The Muscle of Enlightenment

Ready to Wear and Accessory Collection

Designed by david gil

Commissioned by bvba 32

BELGIUM | 2010

Echoing the first sounds emanating from the human heart, taking place approximately twenty-one days after conception; the fall-winter 10-11 collection theatralises silk chiffon draped cocktail dresses, chasubles in hand made lace and knitwear portraying the membranes enclosing the muscle of enlightenment.

Photographic series

Written and directed by david gil

Commissioned by bvba 32

BELGIUM | 2009

… a moment in … is an experimental collection counting with the faithful support of nine anonymous collaborators of the underground Belgian fashion group bvba 32, owner of Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann. I am invited to write and direct a photographic storyboard staging the spring summer 2010 collection of … a moment in ... Inspired by magic realism, a backstage mirror reflected nine bvba 32 collaborators invading the creative process of contemporary fashion design.

Film prototype by david gil

Commissioned by Première Vision

FRANCE | 2007 - 2008

Men Under Construction is a bilingual book gathering articles and photographs created by personalities of the world of art and culture. It summarizes the results of Masculin Pluriel, international market research on menswear commissioned by Première Vision to Risk International and to the Institut Français de la Mode. My contribution consists in caring, analyzing and synthesizing interviews with menswear influencers in France, Belgium, England and The United States. A short art film was planned to be included in the book, the project was however abandoned.


Collective Exhibition


Wynwood Art District

During Art Basel Miami Beach

USA | 2007

In collaboration with French painter Clement Borderie and inspired by Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran, white cotton canvases were stretched, frozen and exposed to the elements over an electric matrix installed in the gardens of the hospital Charles Foix, Ivry-sur Seine, France, for an entire year. Everything weakens, everything deteriorates, nothing more unquestionable than the body’s decay. The canvases witnessed the human aging process and were impregnated by the colors of the souls of the departed patients of the hospital specialized in gerontology.



Codesigned by david gil

Commissioned by 107 Rivoli

Musée des Arts Décoratifs

FRANCE | 2007

107 Rivoli Musée des Art Décoratifs invites me to curate a window installation to launch SkinBag, collection of seamless accessories made out of synthetic skin created by transmedia artist Olivier Goulet. Anticipating the near future when intelligent technology will enhance and eventually replace organic human body functions, SkinBag metaphorically become a series of genuine prototypes of external prosthetics carriers of mutation.

Génération IFM

Collective Exhibition

Galerie des Galeries

FRANCE | 2007

The Galerie des Galeries is an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary creation at the Parisian emblematic department store Galeries Lafayette. This exhibition curated the creation of 18 talents who graduated from the design department of the Institut Français de la Mode based. Even if I was refused a place at the design program and became a management graduate, my artwork was selected to be part of Génération IFM exhibition by a jury composed of couture house directors, journalists, creative directors, trend specialist, museum curators and designers.

What is Real?

Carte Blanche to david gil

by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication

FRANCE | 2006

In order to promote contemporary creation, The French Ministry of Culture and Communication gives me Carte Blanche to curate the sixth edition of its exhibition program in the windows of the Palais Royal in Paris. Presented like three-dimensional world news headlines, the installation What is Real? questions our perception of reality and reports, among other news, the arrival to Europe of a potential pandemic trend: the It-Bag H5N1.

Haute couture collection

Designed by david gil

Nominated to the Sommet du Luxe et de la Creation

Category Audacity

FRANCE | 2006

The Summit of Luxury and Creation is a gathering of luxury houses, sociologists, philosophers, journalists and strategic partners of the industry debating the major currents of planet luxury. Talent scouts assign every year a selection of emerging talents incarnating the main values of luxury. I am nominated two consecutive years under category audacity. For my second nomination, I imagine haute couture rags made out of dirt coming from Parisian luxury houses. Indeed, “dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”


Ready to wear collection

Designed by david gil

Commissioned by Maison 1.2.3.

As part of the Festival of Hyères Award

FRANCE | 2006

3.2.1. is a ready to wear collection inspired by a market research published by Eurostaf: “Fashion is threatened the moment it becomes the expression of an important number of people. The success of fashion implies its own death. The only way out resides in the anticipation of death, in a sort of constant suicide, allowing fashion to go from one trend to another.” Combining desire and death, the collection presents an empowered woman with cotton zephyr draped tops, fluid hourglass multiple-layered chiffon dresses and a dynamite handbag with a pivoting 3.2.1. buckle.

Haute Couture collection

Designed by david gil

International Festival of Hyères

Public Award and 1.2.3. Award

FRANCE | 2005

79.934.321, random number legally identifying me as an existing human being, is a manifesto defining fashion as barrier between our individual and our social identities. The controversial haute couture collection was inspired by psychiatrist Carl Jung’s process of individuation, intended to breakdown this mask to uncover the nature of the true self. Evening armors perforated by war bullet holes, kamikaze belts, body bag blazers, immolated skin-color chiffon and revolver stilettos imposed a stark encounter with contemporary reality in the middle of the war on terror and fashion became a sign of our time.

15 rue de la Paix

Product Development,

Image and Visual Merchandising

FRANCE | 2003 - 2005

Inaugurated in 1924, 15 rue de la Paix is the first store Alfred Dunhill himself opens outside of England. As the last remaining Heritage store, in 2003 it becomes the incubator of creativity of the brand. My mission consists in investigating the archives to legitimately perpetuate Alfred’s innovative vision. Limited series of curated artisanal products are launched in parallel to an exhibition program in collaboration with the Dunhill Museum. The objective is to invite contemporary artists to reimagine the DNA of the brand.